Policies and Procedures

HVHA Policies and Procedures.


HVHA is an efficient, transparent and wholly inclusive association. HVHA is affectionate towards its history, organised for the present and always planning for the future. HVHA is proud of its Quality Marked status.


Here, in one place, are all the Policies and Procedures which direct our operation.


You can read each policy simply by clicking on the links at the foot of this page. When you wish to leave a policy or procedure and return to this page, then just use the back arrow in the top left of the screen.

These Policies & Procedures are also referred to on the "Booking " page , which you get to by using the item from the sidebar on the left of this page

Sidebar items are now arranged alphabetically for your convenience


There is also a folder in the Main Hall which contains a paper copy of each policy and procedure. This folder is made available to those for whom the internet is not presently the preferred means of communication.


All policies and procedures are reviewed by the Trustees and Management Committee at least every 12 months. The policies and procedures are:



1]  Environment & Energy Efficiency - Position Statement & Policy


2]  Sustainability & Development


3]  Financial Policy & Procedures


4]  Maintenance Policy


5]  Training Policy


6]  Fundraising POlicy


7]  Children & Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy [ Safeguarding]


8]  Equal Opportunities Policy


9]  Health & Safety with Risk Assessment/ Fire Risk Assessment and Emergency         Plan addenda


10] Hiring the Hall Policy


11] Instructions for Using the Hall.

12 Privacy & Data Protection Policy

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