Photo Gallery

This section  is being carefully crafted. The intention is to include photos of both Hall and Village events and also scenes of local interest, and to those ends we welcome contributions, please,  to:-
There are subpages immediately  below this introduction. Click on the title of the subpage  to take you to specific  pages where we have uploaded slideshows  and / or images of individual events  and local interest
When you have finished viewing the photos on the subpage you have open, clicking  on "photo gallery" in the top left of that page , or in the menu on the left of that page, will bring you back here to make further page selections
If you have provided photos but those images have still not been uploaded then please accept the editor`s apologies and do not be offended. It all takes time! Please come back to look again

I have been contacted by several "Apple" users who say they are unable to view the photos on their devices.

I do not purport to have IT expertise, but pass on, in good faith, that my understanding is that the gallery requires "Flash Player" and that earlier versions of the Apple Operating System may not include that plug in? 

Flash Player for Mac appears to be readily available from the Adobe Website

In the same spirit of good faith I print below a link to an  article in PC Advisor magazine concerning installing "Flash" on an Android Phone. You may need to paste this link into your browser, or if that doesn`t work you could always try searching "PC Advisor" generally

I have not tried this process !