Craft Group

The ever popular Craft Group is starting up again on Friday 01 February and will meet on the first Friday of the month thereafter.

Please click on  the Flyer at the foot of this page for more info


 News from the Pews of St Bart`s

 If you want more information about anything to do with St Bart’s, which is your parish church, do contact our vicar the Revd Barbara Hilton on 01388 814093 or Anne Heywood on 0191 378 0589

Editor`s Notes:-

Going forward...........the editor has suggested he creates a dedicated "St Bart`s" page to which "St Bart`s News" can be uploaded and taken down to keep it topical and accurate. This will happen if the Church want it.....please watch this space


Weight-Watchers at Hett Village Hall

The Organiser has advised that this group is now discontinued 


The editor appreciates that the rest of this page is in need of substantial editing. The present thinking is to create an "Archive" page so that items which may no longer be "News", but may still be of interest, will be "archived" and so remain available. Hopefully this will be sorted shortly


This is to make you aware if you are travelling into Durham City centre, or park your car in one of the many streets, businesses nearby, that the area is showing an increase in vehicle crime. Those reports we have had so far are thefts from vehicles in car parks not monitored by CCTV, or away from houses. The thefts are the stealing of property which is on show, so a window is being smashed and what is on show - bags, coats so far - are being taken.
Please if you leave your vehicle try and not leave anything on show. If you have an alarm, please make sure it is activated. Some have occurred over a 1/2 hour period, so please bear this in mind, even if leaving your vehicle for a short time. 

Rogue Trader Alert !

Subject: Rogue Trader Alert 25/09/2017 19:53:25 [192675]
Date: 25 September 2017 at 19:53:25 BST

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Rogue Trader alert
This is a message sent via Keep In The Know. This information has been sent on behalf of Durham Constabulary
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Message sent by
Paul Vickers (Police, PC , HQ)

Police are advising the public to be aware of a male offering to carry out building work who quotes a price for the job and takes an advance payment for 'materials'. He then disappears never to be seen again.
This male is apparently known to the people of Spennymoor and surrounding areas and may be doing this on a regular basis.
If you or someone you know has been affected, please contact Trading Standards and make them aware.
We are not able to publish the name of this individual and send this message to raise awareness.

Many thanks
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You are receiving information from Durham Constabulary because you share your information with them. To change who can see your information, choose a simpler email format or to unsubscribe completely click here.
This e-mail communication makes use of a "Clear Image" (gif) to track results of the e-mail campaign. If you wish to turn off this tracking for future e-mails, you can do so by not downloading the images in the e-mail itself.


Celebration of Volunteering

Past Chairman of HVHA, Donald Waller, received recognition for his work with the organisation at the recent celebration of volunteering which was organised by Durham Community Action.

At an event, held at Beamish Museum, Donald, smiling  centre back row in the photo, and many other volunteers from across the county were presented with their certificates in the masonic hall.

After the presentations, guests were able to wander around the town and then headed off for an excellent buffet in the tearooms. Transport was by tram and vintage bus back to the car park where everyone received a momento of their visit.


John Atkinson

Chair HVHA [ retired May 2018]


Hett Village Hall Future [ HVHF]

Click "Hett Village Hall Future" in the sidebar on the left  to go straight to the HVHF page  for the latest developments - most recent posting  August 2017 [1]


Roads & Roadworks
Click "Roadworks" in the sidebar on the left  to go straight to the Roads & Roadworks page  for the latest developments - most recent posting 02/10/17
See also the "Traffic Bulletins" in "Hett Happenings"




Conservation & Amenity

There is a possibility of establishing some Wildflower Meadows in the village

Use the sidebar menu to find more information on the Conservation & Amenity Page


***Parish Council***

***County Council***

There are now 2  new pages on this website called "Parish Council"  and "County Council"

These pages will be used as a "Notice Board" for Notices for which  Croxdale & Hett Parish Council and Durham County Council request publication and also for "Parish Information" and "County Information"  of potential interest to our community which the editor receives from, for example our Parish Councillors and County Councillors

The editor anticipates that some of  these notices and pieces of information  will be "time limited" so will endeavour the keep the Parish Council and County Council pages "refreshed"

The Parish Council Page and The County Council Page are  both available from the sidebar menu,which is now arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.

All current notices are either pasted into the appropriate page or available from the tabs at the foot of the appropriate page 

There is a link from the Parish Council page on this website to the website set up by the Croxdale and Hett Parish Counci


Hett Village Hall Association and Local Entertainers get together to raise funds for Marie Curie Nursing

Members of Hett Village Hall Association proudly presenting a Big Cheque to Lisa Wild [ Marie Curie Community Fundraiser] with Dave Carr [ who manages all of the Artists who performed]  immediately to her left

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Taylor, Epicimage Photography

There is a full report of this innovative event, including an appreciation of the Artists who all performed free of charge for this great cause  - use the "Marie Curie" tab at the foot of this page


"HETT HAPPENINGS" is the Newsletter of Hett Village Hall Association [HVHA] and is available by clicking the "Hett Happenings" tab on the left of this page. Because not all village residents support email and internet access we continue to produce this newsletter also in paper format. For practical purposes, and because of the voluntary time required to do it, this paper newsletter, with its events diary, is published quarterly with the paper edition then uploaded to this website.

Hett Happenings publishes reviews of events in the Hall, so those reviews are not repeated on this page

Back Issues of Hett Happenings

We are now  not taking  an issue down when we add the most recent one, and we are getting older issues uploaded, thereby providing  a very straightforward archive which you access simply by clicking on the links at the foot of the Hett Happenings page , just as for the most recent issue

Please understand that the issues may not necessarily appear in the right order, so you may need to look for a specific  date, as opposed to just starting at the top and working down 

Meanwhile if you  would like a back issue of Hett Happenings not presently uploaded to the Hett Happenings page on this site, do please contact the editor and we`ll see what we can do



There will generally be be more publicity nearer the time of each special event, and also in our newsletter “Hett Happenings” and on our website

For further information about Events including both those  organised by HVHA and  those simply hosted by HVHA, please see the Events Diary which you get to by clicking "Events" in the left margin on this page. Where we have flyers giving more details of special events, those flyers will be available from links on the "Events" page.We aim to regularly update this web edition of the diary
You can also see more details of our regular events by clicking on the links in the left margin of this page

We do ask all event organizers to let us know straightaway if they are making any changes to the dates or to any other aspects of their events. We aim to put up those changes on the website “News Page” promptly to give visitors the best information available to us. Notified changes will also be published in the next edition of the newsletter following notification


Substantial renovation work has been undertaken and a full report, with photos, will be uploaded shortly

Please see what the Press have to say about us by clicking, in turn,  on the tabs "DRCC","Northern Echo", "Durham Times" and "Spennynews" , all  at the foot of this page.

At the  AGM, 2012,  HVHA was presented with its Hallmark 1 Certificate by Helen Brown of the DRCC.Since then  HVHA has presented itself for inspection and scrutiny of its operations on two further occassions.  Hallmark 2 was attained  in June 2012 and in March 2013 we succeeded at Hallmark 3.


These levels of Hallmark audit our association against national standards, progressing through core operations right through to communication, inclusiveness, financial management and sustainability.


HVHA is pleased to be able to say we now have the highest national accolade in community association management. We were the first association in the North East of England to achieve this status

The Hallmark 3 Logo is proudly displayed on the home page of this website


Think of it not so much as blowing our own trumpet, but rather as celebrating and being proud of what several generations of volunteers have achieved over the last 50 years plus.........



The full text of the Hallmark 3 Visitors [Assessors] Report is available by clicking on the link at the foot of this page


 "Take our Survey"
You may sometimes see this invitation / link appearing randomly at the top of any page on our site. Please understand this is a link automatically imposed by Google. It is imposed to facilitate feedback to Google on its site operation. It is NOT set up by HVHA and DOES NOT feed back to HVHA
We apologise for any annoyance . Do please feedback to us , but do so by mailing to
Our Own Survey !
The results are in is  the General Management Committee [GMC] response, explanation and suggested ways forward





The objective of the Management Committee was to have the best attempt to date to find out what residents feel about the hall and events and communication. We wanted to find out what was seen to be good, what was seen to be not good and what we might aspire to provide going forward


To this end we opened a survey in early 2013 and closed it  on 24.04.13. We kept the survey open for a period we judged appropriate to strike the right balance between leaving it long enough for everyone to have the opportunity to respond, but not for so long that those who responded early were left wondering if they were ever going to hear anything more!

We wanted  to give residents the maximum opportunity to give the committee the benefit of their views prior to the AGM 25.04.13


We appreciate residents giving their time to feedback those views




  • There is a good amount of satisfaction with the facilities now available in the refurbished hall


  • There is significant satisfaction with communications


  • There is considerable divergence of opinion  in terms of whether the events presently on offer meet the expectations and wishes of all ages  within the village


A lot of ideas for and comments about  events and activities have been put forward and the committee appreciates that input and looks forward to working with those putting forward ideas and comments , so that all can benefit from the contacts, expertise and enthusiasm they may have to help make these things happen




The “nuts and bolts” of the survey are here for you to read by going to  "Survey Results April 2013" at the foot of this page and then clicking on the download symbol.There are some interesting and helpful comments and ideas collected so please have a look and mail your thoughts to

A paper copy of these survey results has been provided to every household in the village


**The committee has looked very carefuly at all comments made and in its response has tried hard to explain  what has been done so far and how it could improve things going forward. That response is now also uploaded to this site for you to read by clicking on the download icon "Feedback Response GMC" at the foot of this page


A paper copy of this response has also been delivered  to every household in the village



It is likely that in the near future HVHA committee will be consulting again ......this time as to the future of our ageing Village Hall




Hut Music [HM]



*Hut Music* was an  initiative from  the editor, with HVHA support, to bring the greatest range of music to the widest range of audience in our unique venue 

We hoped to appeal to all tastes and ages


Hut Music has its own page on this website, where you can see a summary of events and learn more about the artists through their own Websites and YouTube postings. 

You can also see a selection of the Flyers we put out for these events

You get to the Hut Music page by clicking on "Hut Music" in the left margin at the top on this page

Reviews of Hut Music events are published in "Hett Happenings"

The Editor and HVHA committee are aware that the programme to date might not have appealed to everyone, particularly the younger people in the village, and we are trying very hard to respond to that, but we really do need you to help us by telling us more about what, and who, you want to hear. Music is, we hope, a way of widening participation for all


If you are in a local band, have a friend in a band, or simply like a local band or performer then please let us know so we can look at hosting that music at our unique venue

Please don`t worry that “the people on the committee might not like it” – you may be surprised! If you like it then please let us know and we`ll try to put it on

Whether or not *Hut Music* will continue as a concept in itself is very much in the balance at the moment 



Local Services
We now maintain an online directory of services which you get to by clicking on the "Local Services" tab  in the left margin to this page. Where suppliers have a website we have incorporated links so that clicking on the supplier`s website address should take you straight to their website. We are trying to help local businesses help each other
HVHA properly takes a pride in the conservation status and general amenity of Hett Village and so we have created a "Conservation & Amenity" page, which you get to in the usual way ie from the menu on the left of this page
Our aim is to upload to that page  all relevant documents which come into our posession. In this way all residents , visitors and all others interested in preserving the village character have a collective resource

HVHA will publish in Hett Happenings, on the “Conservation & Amenity” page on this website and to its Email Newsgroup matters of public interest it is made aware of

If you have any material which you feel may benefit the " Conservation & Amenity" page then please contact

As is proudly proclaimed on our Home Page, the village has benefited from funding sought from  the East Durham LEADER Project.
LEADER spotlights us as a success story  and, so, with their kind permission , that newsletter is uploaded to our website and you can read it by clicking on the link at the foot of this page. To return to this page from the LEADER newsletter just click the back button which will be top left of your screen



Durham Rural Community Council [DRCC] = Durham Community Action [DCA]
This section of "NEWS" does need to be revisited, but, with that caveat, it remains as it is, if only to provide something of "a review"

DRCC, as was, used to publish a regular newsletter called  "EVoice"
We previously uploaded that newsletter to our website. 
We understand that Durham Community Action [DCA] is the new name for Durham Rural Community Council [DRCC] and it publishes a newsletter called "Community News". We will upload that newsletter to our website and you get to it by clicking on the "Community News" link at the foot of this page

If the DCA newsletter refers to other documents, for example a list of County Durham Village and Community Sector Events, or Conferences, then where those documents have also been supplied to us we will upload them and the links will be at the foot of this page
To return to this page from the DCA newsletters just click the back button which will be top left of your screen


Spennymoor Area Action Partnership [AAP]

This section of "NEWS" does need to be revisited, but, with that caveat, it remains as it is, if only to provide something of "a review"

The AAP provide a range of training opportunities. We have uploaded their most recent publicity to this site. You can access any  posters still current by clicking on the links at the foot of this page


Photo Gallery
The Gallery continues to develop. Access is by clicking "Photo Gallery" on the left margin higher up on this page. If you have provided photos but those images have still not been uploaded then please accept the editor`s apologies and  do not be offended. It all takes time! Please come back to look again

I have been contacted by several "Apple" users who say they are unable to view the photos on their devices.

I do not purport to have IT expertise, but pass on, in good faith, that my understanding is that the gallery requires "Flash Player" and that earlier versions of the Apple Operating System may not include that plug in? 

Flash Player for Mac appears to be readily available from the Adobe Website

In the same spirit of good faith I print below a link to an  article in PC Advisor magazine concerning installing "Flash" on an Android Phone. You may need to paste this link into your browser, or if that doesn`t work you could always try searching "PC Advisor" generally

I have not tried this process !



“Books for Bills” a is a minimum overhead fund raising initiative from HVHA

Visitors to the Hall are invited to take books in return for a £0.50 honesty box donation for each book taken

The stock is regularly  overhauled. All old stock is either given to a local charity, or recycled

Do please have a look each time you visit. You may not have found anything you liked last time, but that book  you fancy may be there next time

All funds raised will be applied to utility bills and other expenditure necessary to maintain the Hall


Thank you to everyone who has participated both by donating and  in "buying" books



Management News

The Management Committee of HVHA is committed to continue progress made in being informative and inclusive and to this end the Website will regularly publish Agendas and Minutes of General Management Committee business , including the date of the next meeting. 

The editor may be able to provide paper copies of Agendas and minutes on an individual basis upon request, all as part of the commitment to be inclusive.

Please remember that all members of HVHA, that is all residents of the Hett Village, are welcome to table items for discussion and to attend meetings. All items to the Secretary, Brian Ogden, 6 The Green , Hett Village, DH6 5LX,


Please click on "Management News"  on the sidebar higher up on the left of this page to visit the Management News page where you will find links to the draft minutes of the most recent Annual General Meeting [AGM minutes cannot be ratified until the next AGM], and to the minutes of the most recent meeting of the General Management Committee where those minutes have been ratified.

We are now  not taking  down previous  minutes when we add the latest set , thereby providing  a very straightforward archive which you access simply by clicking on the links at the foot of the Management News page just as for the most recent minutes



Policies and Procedures


HVHA is an efficient, transparent and wholly inclusive association. HVHA is affectionate towards its history, organised for the present and always planning for the future. HVHA is proud of its Quality Marked status.


Click on  "Policies and Procedures"  tab from the sidebar higher up on  on the left of this News page. On that "Policies and Procedures" page you will find, collected together  in one place,  all the Policies and Procedures which direct our operation.


Contributions to Hett Happenings, together with  comment on the construction and content of this website, are always welcomed by the Editor, Mike Simpson

HVHA and Editor Disclaimer

All items are published by HVHA and by the Editor in good faith exactly as received from the contributors. Neither HVHA nor the Editor has any responsibility for events, services, news, announcements and advertisements, other than their own, and all views expressed and particulars given by contributors are their own 

Hett Happenings, the Email News Group and the Website are not intended to be investigative nor campaigning media, but simply to be information resources for community benefit








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