Mission Statement


Hett Village Hall Association [HVHA] wants to reach out and involve everyone in our community and the immediately surrounding farms and households


HVHA runs the Hall. We have active Trustees and a Management Committee. We are an inclusive group.

Users of and visitors to the Hall are welcomed irrespective of age, disability: gender reassignment; marriage; civil partnership; pregnancy; maternity; race; religion or belief; or sexual orientation. Likewise we encourage all residents of the village to contribute to the management and running of the Hall. Without in anyway underestimating or failing to appreciate the contribution of "older heads" we very much encourage younger people, including those under 18, to step forward to help shape the future. The straightforward procedure for nominations is circulated before each Annual General Meeting [AGM]


We aim to provide a consolidated source of relevant news and information by way of a newsletter available by email, on our website at www.hettvillagehall.co.uk

and, at the moment, by hand delivery within the village  to those not presently enjoying good internet access, or for whom the internet is not presently the preferred means of communication


HVHA will print free of charge details of events in the Village Hall and also news items and announcements all exactly as submitted for publication


We publish a Database of Local Services, but only where the providers wish us to include them. Inclusion is presently provided free of charge, but in future we may hope for a contribution to Hall Funds. Use this Newsletter to list your business.


We may also consider publishing adverts in exchange for a contribution to Hall Funds. Use this newsletter to advertise goods and services for sale or offered free, or wanted. Anything from a house to a hamster, cake making to dog walking


Everything we publish is on the basis that the contributor / service provider / advertiser must supply for publication name, telephone number and, hopefully, an email address
Remember it is possible that event organisers, providers of services, advertisers and contributors may make changes so do please check with the organiser / service provider/ contributor / advertiser before making a commitment.

We welcome feedback on all our events and efforts. Tell us what you like and what you don`t