Local Services

The directory of Local Services is maintained offline and then uploaded to this page at each revision. 

This makes editing much easier!

You get to the Directory simply by clicking the "Local Services" tab at the foot of this page

Please be patient - the speed at which the directory loads up is entirely dependent on the speed of your internet connection and the speed of the device you are using.

The tab should show the version date

All the businesses listed have done work / provided services in the village, or have a village base or connection, and / or have been put forward by one or more of their customers

Several businesses have fed back on their work increasing through this village listing and, in recognition, a number of businesses have made or promised a donation to village funds, either in money or by providing services or prizes for fund raising events. We appreciate that

Do not underestimate the power………..

Editor`s Note:

Think someone is  missing?

Please contact me 


to propose local businesses who you think should be listed. I will then try to contact those businesses to obtain consent to list. We do not charge for a mention, although HVHA would of course always appreciate donations to Hall Funds

If you do use one of these business, please make sure they know where you got their details!

Where a supplier has a website we do of course include that detail and if you look up the supplier from the Local Services Directory tab at the foot of this page, you should now be able to “click” straight through to that supplier`s own website. We are trying to help local people help each other

Suppliers may change their contact details without letting me know. If that happens and the user of this directory is frustrated then I regret that, but it would  be disproportionate for me to regularly call up each supplier to check details are still current. If the details had changed I may not get through anyway ! 

If a user is aware of a change, do please let me know.

If you are a supplier and your details change, do please let me know. 

If you are in touch with a supplier, please encourage him / her to keep me updated. 

All of this is in the best interest of both the supplier and the potential consumer

HVHA does not recommend one business over another nor endorse any service provider. We simply provide the information on availability in good faith. Consumers should still make all prudent enquiries before engaging a service.

Mike Simpson,
9 Nov 2018, 09:48