Hire charges:

i] Community Activities that are considered to be of benefit to the Community e.g

quiz, social nights, church, HVHA activities or children’s activities. These are “Free"

 though “contributions” to costs will be most welcome.

ii] Regular users who use specific days and times on a weekly basis e.g. exercise

 classes. £8 per hour

iii] Private hire or all other functions. £10 per hour + Flat rate of £5 if kitchen 

facilities used
iv] Should the Bar Service [canned beers/lager + wines, spirits and soft drinks] be

provided an additional flat rate charge of £20.00 is made.

All  charges are reviewed at least annually to take into account the cost of maintenance and utilities.
Please go to the Booking Page [accessed through the sidebar to the left] for more information on hiring Hett Village Hall