Conservation & Amenity

HVHA properly takes a pride in the conservation status and general amenity of Hett Village and so we will upload to this page all relevant documents which come into our possession. In this way all residents , visitors, and all others interested in preserving the village character, have a collective resource

The editor will publish in "Hett Happenings", on this "Conservation & Amenity " page and to the Email News Group  matters of public interest he is approached upon and asked to publish

Neither Hett Happenings nor this website, nor the Email News Group is an investigative nor campaigning medium and so none seek to champion any individual 
If you have any material which you feel may benefit this page then please contact

Wildflower Meadows  19 May 2017

There is a possibility of some wildflower planting in the village. Please us the tab at the foot of this page for more information

Hett Village Pond

There has been substantial renovation work by village volunteers

Shortly this page will either set out a chronicle of what has been done, or will provide a link to that resume

High Grange Farm

I have been asked to publish  the following link which concerns a planning matter

Hett Land Plans

There are now 2 plans available to view by clicking on the links at the foot of this page

Please be patient waiting for the documents to preserve sufficient quality for viewing the files are not the smallest

1]  Hett Land Plan 1770 MW

The plan you are looking at shows land ownership around the village going back to 1770

The original document [in pieces!] is the personal property of Margaret Wilson of Mount Huley Farm

Margaret has kindly made this source material available to Hett Village Hall Association [HVHA]

2] Hett Land Plan 1897 LG

This plan is a facsimile for which we are obliged to Les Griffiths

Les explains that he came across this plan in the course of renovation work at 4 West Street in the village in 2012 and he has kindly made this material available to HVHA

Working with our friends James and Richard at


[  07837377649] 

and  with our friend Stuart at 

Evo Print andDesign


HVHA has been able to enhance and preserve these plans in the format you see now

Going forward, and subject to there being sufficient interest, HVHA hopes to be able to offer these prints for sale, again courtesy of Margaret and Les with all net proceeds going to Hall Funds

The plans will come to you printed on 170gsm gloss art paper A3 and trimmed to size ready for you to frame.

If you are interested in owning a faithful reproduction of these historical documents, please let me know


Mike Simpson      07780 680 425

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