Bookings Secretary [to whom all matters should be referred initially]  is Jill Nevin, 7 the Green, Hett Village, . 

Jill prefers contact by email, but, to remain inclusive for all she may also be contacted on

07715  436 128

Hire Charges are currently   £7.50 per hour or part .

If Bar Facilities are required then Hett Village Hall Association [HVHA] volunteers will operate the bar for you at a flat rate of £20 in addition to the hourly hiring fee.

All  charges are reviewed at least annually to take into account the cost of maintenance and utilities.

Every hiring contract is made pursuant to the HVHA Hiring Policy and incorporates the HVHA policies and procedures concerning Instructions for the Use of the Hall, Health & Safety, The Protection of Children & Vulnerable Persons and Equal Opportunities. Copies of these policies and procedures  are available in the Hall and by clicking on the item "Policies and Procedures" on the sidebar on the left of this page  [After opening a page through these links , use the back arrow at the very top left of your screen to get back here]

In addition, a paper copy of each of the policies is included in a Welcome Pack issued to a new hirer with confirmation of the booking. In this way everyone hiring the hall knows the terms before use of the Hall begins.